Prison is under State subject Mizoram Prison Administration, in the real sense of the term, has emerged only after Mizoram was elevated from the status of one of the Districts of Assam into a Union Territory, till Mizoram became State. During this period, Prison administration was mainly concentrated in security custody and confinement of prisoner. Gradually, the Prison Department became fully functioned under the control of fulltime Inspector General of Prisons since 14.10.1982. Now with the modern concept of Prison the Department is making every effort to take to the security aspect and reformation of prisoners on equal footing.

Mizoram Prisons Department is headed by the Inspector General of Prisons (IG Prisons) and he is assisted by Officers in the Headquarter,and Officers of various Jails as shown in the organizational charts, headed by an officers of the rank of Superintendent of Jails and Special Superintendent. The State Prisons Headquarters is situated in the heart of Aizawl at Dawrpui veng near the Police Station, Aizawl. Beside I.G Prisons, DIG and AIG Prisons are accomodated in the Directorate of Prisons building.

There is 1(one) Central Jail and 8(Eight) District Jails in Mizoram.

The organization set-up of the Headquarters of the Department of Prisons is as follows:-

1) The Inspector General of Prisons.

2) The Deputy Inspector General of Prisons.

3) The Assistant Inspector General of Prisons.

4) The Office Superintendent (Administration)

5) The Office Assistant, UDC, LDC and other clerical and non-clerical staff and Peon / IV Grade

A Special Superintendent head the Central Jail Aizawl and Jailors, Assistant Jailors, Chief Head Warder, Head Warder and Warders assisted him. There is 1(one) Doctor for Central Jail Aizawl and District Jail Aizawl. Staff Nurses and Pharmacist assisted him.

The District Jails are managed by Superintendent of Jail and Jailor, Assistant Jailor, Head Warder, Warders assisted him. There are Medical Staff like Nurses in some District Jails and Jail Staff deployed as Medical Staff.

The brief functions of Department are as under:-

a) IG Prisons : He is overall administrative and executive head of the Prison Department.

b) DIG Prisons : Assist the Inspector General of Prisons in all official works whose duty is to take place whenever Inspector General of Prisons is absent. He shall inspect jail on the behalf of Inspector General of Prisons. He is also the Drawing and Disbursing Officer

c) AIG Prisons : He is the DIG’s immediate Officer whose duty is to take place whenever DIG is absent. He is authorized to inspect jails on behalf of the Inspector General of Prisons.

d) Medical Officer : Medical Officer duties are as follows:-

1) Daily visit to the jail

2) Maintenance of Medical records Book.

3) Examination of Prisoners health.

4) Examination of water/food/sanitation.

5) Hospital Management.

e) Special Superintendent/Jail Superintendent:

The Special Superintendent/Jail Superintendent is to manage the prison in matter relating to discipline, labour, expenditure, punishment and control subject to the order of the IG of Prison. He/she is bound to obey the lawful order of District Magistrate in respect of the prison.

f) Jailor: He is Jail Superintendent immediate Officer and is responsible for observance of all prescribed, rules and order and whose responsible for carrying out the following duties:-

1) Maintenance of discipline.

2) Daily inspection of jail,

3) Supervision of guard and security.

4) Supervision of jail office.

5) Maintenance of Report Book.

g) Assistant Jailer:- He shall assist the Jailor in any duties which may be deligated to him under proper order.

h) Medical Staff:- Staff Nurses and Pharmacist duties are as under:-

1) Attended health and cleanliness of prisoners.

2) Treatment of sick prisoners.

3) Maintained Medical records Books

4) Other matter relating to the health of inmates.

i) Chief Head Warder:- He is responsible for due carrying out of all rules and regulation relating to prisoner and security of jail. Keeping and maintenance of the Attendant Register and Duty Rosters, etc.

j) Head Warder:- Supervision of ward duty and carrying out all rules and regulation relating to prisoner and security of jail.

k) Warder:- Guarding and watching over the prisoner and responsible for jail security duty, safety the custodial including a particular duty assigned to him by the Superintendent of Jail and other Jail Officer.