(a)    To provide for safe and secured custody of prisoners of all types committed to prison by the courts.
(b)    To provide for Basic Minimum facilities to prisoners to maintain human dignity and rights.
(c)    To provide for reformation of prisoners and safe rehabilitation to free society after release from the Jail.

             Crime is an anti-social act that  it is  the task of the prison official to deal with the offender that he and others may be deterred from the commission of such acts in future. The Prison objective should  be to effect  a reformation in the character of the criminal as will fit him again to take place in society and to become a useful citizen after release from the jail. The Prison staff  from the jailor down to the warder, should be recruited with care and maintain faithful service. The prisoners should be brought  under such humanizing and improving influences as will not only deter them from committing further  crimes but will also result in real reformation of their character.