Prisons Department has made significant efforts:

1) The Prisons Department has remarkable achievement in improvement and modernization of the existing Mizoram jails such as Central Jail Aizawl and Eight District Jails. Among which District Jail, Serchhip and Mamit were opened on September 2016.

2) Jail inmates are given a range of correctional programmes such as Vocational training, counseling etc. so that they may use that skill to earn their livelihood after their release and lead life as a law abiding citizen. They are also encouraged to participate in sports and cultural activities held inside the jails. Educated prisoners are motivated to help the prison authorities as per their capabilities.

3) The Prison Department provides opportunities to the illiterate inmates to learn reading and writing with the help of Adult Education Programme launched by the School Education Department.

4) The Prison Department encourages voluntary organization involvement in Correctional Programmes which their activities include conducting Health awareness especially on HIV/AIDS, Blood Testing (sample drawn) moral classes, cultural activities counseling.

5) Physical achievement of the Department with Aizawl District in particular:

- The Indhira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) Special Study Centre has been opened at Central Jail, Aizawl and free education facilities extended to literate inmate to continue higher education.

- The District Jail, Aizawl is being utilized for detention of young offenders so as to separate them from hardcore criminal or else the days of their youth be muddled up and become like them also an effort are being made to bring them back in society as a good law abiding citizens.

All office papers and records are being computerized which will be completed in the near future. The department has launching its own website ( wherein all relevant information and records in respect of Prison Department can be downloaded from the Website.

New Projects under consideration/process for Prison Development :-

I. Computerization of Prison Department.

II. Training in Computer for Prisoners.

III. Vocational Training Centers in the Jails.

IV. Training Center for Jail Staff.

V. Video Conferencing between Court and Jail.