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Prisons is under State Subject and Mizoram Prisons Administration, in the real sense of the term, has emerged only after Mizoram was elevated from the status of one of the Districts of Assam into a Union  Territory. As such, Mizoram Jails in the initial stage of development were under Central Administration till Mizoram became a State. During this period, Prison administration was mainly concentrated in security custody and confinement of prisoners. Now, with the modern concept of imprisonment the Department is making effort to take up the security aspect and reformation of prisoners on equal footing.


Under Prison Department there is a Directorate headed by I.G Prisons and under him there are one D.I.G, one A.I.G and one office Superintendent. There are six District Jails located at Aizawl, Lunglei, Saiha, Champhai, Kolasib and Lawngtlai and a Central Jail at Aizawl. The District Jails are looked after by Jail Superintendents and the Central Jail by a Special Superintendent. Under the Superintendent, there are Jailor, Assistant Jailor, Chief Head Warder, Head Warder and Jail warder. There is one Doctor for Central Jail and District Jail, Aizawl. Other Jails have Medical Nurses (Staff Nurses).

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